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Setting properties by cmdline?

From: Stefan Bergstrand <stefan.bergstrand(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 06:08:04 GMT
Would it be a bad idea to make it possible to pass properties on the
commandline when indexing?

It is not always possible to edit all the documents on the site just
because some property is suddenly needed or changed. Then it would be
nice to just re-index the site with modified command lines.

This would have thesame effect as having the corresponding HTML in
each one of the indexed files.

I realize that this would be useless when you index all (or large
parts) of a site by just a few runs, but in my case the site consists
of thousands of articles (one index each, one or a few HTML-files per
article) which are merged into larger indexes based on in which
department they are published. 

(Eg. a news site with departments such as "Domestic", "Foreign",
"Sports", "Economy", etc.)

By passing properties on the cmdline I could pass a property, "date", for
example, for each article index and then be able to sort the search
results in date order. 

/Stefan Bergstrand

Stefan Bergstrand
Polopoly AB (publ)
Tel: + 46 8 506 782 67
Mobile: + 46 70 447 82 67
Received on Tue Jun 12 06:27:27 2001