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here goes a newbie for stepping on toes....

From: Jerry Asher <jerry(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 01:06:17 GMT
Hey guys, so I've been playing with SWISH-E for about 12 hours now, so I am 
well aware that even well intentioned comments are likely to raise 
hackles....  So, um, I don't mean to, and apologize in advance.

I am trying to generate an AOLserver plugin interface to SWISH-E.

I am following the library spec found in 4444/SWISH-LIBRARY.html

What's complicating my life is that there doesn't really seem to be a 
separable client library for SWISH-E.  Headers files are enormous and 
define all sorts of structure that the client doesn't care about and that 
go way beyond what is called for in the SWISH-E library spec.  The header 
files detail all sorts of fields that the client most likely shouldn't have 
access to, in particular a RESULT.

So for instance, I would have thought that a SwishNext routine would return 
more opaque data structures.  Certainly a data structure consisting of ints 
and strings and not pointers.

Stem is interesting.  It doesn't appear to be an interface/library function 
at all, since it feels free to efree and emalloc (using the swish internal 
memory routines) on the structures that are passed in (char **inword).  I 
would have thought a Stem library function would take in a string and maybe 
feel up a string buffer in return, but that it would certainly not use an 
internal memory routine on passed in strings.

Anyway, there have been some other little gotchas too.  DEBUG_MASK needs to 
be defined in the library even though it is only used for debugging the 
indexing routines.

So without meaning to step on anyone's toes, what's the state of the 
library?  Am I using an old/incorrect document?  How would the project be 
of significant changes to SWISH-E intended to make building libraries easier?

What should I be doing?

Thank you,

Jerry Asher
Jerry Asher             
1678 Shattuck Avenue Suite 161    Tel: (510) 549-2980
Berkeley, CA 94709                Fax: (877) 311-8688
Received on Tue Jun 5 01:09:51 2001