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newbie swish questions....

From: Jerry Asher <jerry(at)>
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 10:24:46 GMT
I downloaded what appeared to be the most recent version, 2.0.5 from 
sunsite, but I just received an email from a swish user who is using 
2.1.  Where can I find the 2.1 version, and what is its status: alpha, 
beta, ...?

I want to build an interface between swish and aolserver.  I suspect I need 
the swish library, but in 2.0.5 at least, the makefile doesn't appear to 
make making the library easy.  How do I build the library?


Jerry Asher
Jerry Asher             
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Berkeley, CA 94709                Fax: (877) 311-8688
Received on Sat Jun 2 10:30:34 2001