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Comparing SWISH-E with competing products

From: <pr1(at)>
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 14:03:28 GMT
How does SWISH-E compare with competing commercial products (Inktomi, Alkaline, etc.)?

How does it handle concurrent access? Can it handle tens of concurrent accesses?

Does anyone use it to index large numbers of documents? If so, how many?

Does anyone have experience indexing MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, and MS-Excel documents with SWISH-E (there is a thread written by someone from NASA on the SWISH-E website saying that SWISH chocked on large MS documents, but I wonder this is still true of the current version of SWISH)? If so, does SWISH handle them well?

Is it better to convert MS docs to text before indexing them, or to index them as is?

Many thanks.

Philippe de Rochambeau
Received on Thu May 31 14:04:06 2001