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Special Characters and Search

From: <info(at)>
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 00:01:41 GMT
Thanks for prior help with my truncate problem. Today's issue:

I am calling SWISH-E from a web form, using

My searches fail if the keyword includes special characters, including 
comma, period, forward slash, and hyphen. As a result, I miss hits like 
3/30/01, $4,000, $40.10, and hell-bent.

I can find these hits if I search with the special character omitted: 3 30 
01, $4 000, $40 10, and hell bent.

Is this another issue with, or must I re-configure swish-e itself 
in some way? Thanks!

Peter S. Young
Received on Fri May 11 00:02:29 2001