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Using stemming with stopwords...

From: Joseph Alba <jalba(at)>
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 20:36:24 GMT
Hi!  I think I may have found a bug, and I hope it hasn't been brought up 
before.  I've been a little too busy to read all the messages on this list 
lately.  :)

I have an index of 2000 files.  I am using stemming, and I use IgnoreWords 

If I search for the word "Reed", I get the error "A word is too common"

I am guessing that swish-e looks up the word "Reed", then looks for a root 
word -- finding "re" -- which is in the SwishDefault list.

Shouldn't swish-e return the matches on "Reed", even though the root word 
is a common word?

Joe Alba
Web Programmer / Systems Analyst
Received on Mon May 7 20:37:39 2001