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RE: Indexing over 1,100 files

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 11:28:18 GMT

Old 1.X versions have severe design problems that can make the 
index procces terrible slow with large lists of files. They use a very 
slow linked list approach to store word's data in memory. I have 
fixed it for 2.X versions. 
There are other performance problens in 1.X that have been also 
fixed. Eg: Wildcard search.


On 27 Apr 2001, at 18:35, Dave Stevens wrote:

> >When my system administrator instructed SWISHE v.1.x to index only a
> >hundred files or so in the problem directory....the search funcion
> >worked okay.
> First thing I'd suggest is updating to swish-e 2.x.  When we first
> were using Swish-e, it was on Linux and had problems with more than
> 20,000 files with our configuration.  It took about 15 hours to index.
>  When we went to swish-e 2.x on the same server, it dropped to
> minutes, and when we went to Solaris, the time dropped even further.
> What platform are you using?
> Dave
Received on Thu May 3 11:28:52 2001