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Re: Search ranking question...

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 17:49:08 GMT
At 09:56 AM 04/27/01 -0700, Bill Meier wrote:
>I'm a new SWISH user, and I like what I see (mostly ;-) I have been setting 
>it up to catalog my 1500+ page site. But, I have been trying some searches, 
>and some of them yield the most unexpected results...

Hi Bill,

I was just looking at ranking when you posted.

Which version of swish are you running?

>Yes, I have stem searching configured. And the index is merged from several 
>smaller ones that I have built because on my (virtual) server I don't have 
>enough memory to build the whole index at once. I have my own list of 
>stopwords, and of course magazine is not one of them!

What I was looking at when you posted is the ranking when using -f with
more than one index.  Ranking is related to the number of files in the
index, so it may be that your merge is throwing off the rank.  I didn't
look at merged indexes.

There's a new -e option in the development version of swish (2.0.5 too?)
that might make it so you can index all your files at one time.  You might
try that to see if you get better ranking results.  

I'm also not clear how stemming will effect the ranking. Also, do you have
IgnoreTotalWordCountWhenRanking set to "yes"?

The ranking code needs a going-over, indeed.

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Apr 27 17:50:19 2001