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XML et PropertyNames printing results

From: Prosper Correa <prosper(at)>
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 17:58:19 GMT
For more convenient, I ask the question again, but in this Mailing List.
Sorry for those who already read it.

I make this query :
../swish-e -f Katia.idx -w NIC=0017 -p NAF NIC

Here is the XML file :





I get this result :

1000 ./test/005403.txt "005403.txt" 57 1 "japan" "0013"

And the good result shall be :

1000 ./test/005403.txt "005403.txt" 57 1 "china" "0017"

Allways the last information in the file is printed
and not the RIGHT information.
Received on Sun Apr 22 17:59:17 2001