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Request for new feature

From: Stefan Bergstrand <stefan.bergstrand(at)>
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 11:06:08 GMT
There is one thing that I would love to see added to swish-e. It is
the ability to pass a date when indexing, and then to be able to pass
two dates, "before" and "after", when searching and limiting the
results to only have dates between the given dates.

My first thought was to store the date as returned by the OS-function
"stat()", but it would be better to be able to specify it at
indexing-time since you might want to index a group of files as one
"entity", eg. an article on a news-website, where the date should have
the meaning "the date when the article was published".

The best solution would be to include both ways, of course.

/Stefan B

Stefan Bergstrand
Polopoly AB (publ)
Tel: + 46 8 506 782 67
Mobile: + 46 70 447 82 67
Received on Tue Apr 3 11:14:57 2001