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Re: Last part of merge very slow

From: <kopplin(at)>
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 04:00:10 GMT
Some more information:

> I have one collection of about 26,000 files which I would like
> to keep a current index of. I break this down into 4 sets, each
> of which indexes in a couple minutes. Then I merge them by
> twos. The first merges complete quickly (a minute or two), but
> when I try to merge the first two merged indexes together it
> takes almost 20 minutes.
> In the archives I read that when the message "Writing index
> entries ..." appears, it is almost done. I get that in a minute
> or two, followed by the message "Writing MetaNames ..." and
> that's where it sits for the next 18 minutes. However, I am not
> using MetaNames, and a dump of the resulting index confirms
> that none are included.

I tried merging another set of indexes, totalling about 27,000
files. This time I copied the output file right after the
Writing Metanames message. About 20 minutes later swish-e
finished, and I compared the final output to the copy. Only one
character in an 18MB index had been changed. Now I'd really like
to know what swish-e is supposed to be doing for all that time.
Received on Sun Mar 4 04:05:42 2001