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Re: AutoSwish

From: Gastlogin Internet-Cafe Muenchen <katigaebler(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 11:53:08 GMT
I think the best is to run a crontab to index, e.g. once a day,
depending on what you want. Ask your system administrator unless you
already know how to set up crontab, as it depends on your hosting
situation, its normally simple, if you have permissions to modify
crontab. A simple CGI could no doubt do a click-on-demand indexing too,
but I wouldn't know how.

"Sheni R. Meledath" wrote:
> Dear SWISH-E Masters:
> Can any body find out for me a script to automatically index (SWISH-E) the
> site  or to manually index the site from the browser. Now I am doing it
> directly from the server, using TELNET. I have checked for AutoSwish. But
> that software is no more available for download. If anybody can explain the
> steps to execute the SWISH-E command from a Perl script, I can write the
> rest of the script and run it from the browser.
> thanks
> Sheni R Meledath
Received on Sat Feb 24 11:57:36 2001