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Re: Unable to merge

From: <kopplin(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 17:37:57 GMT
On Sun, 18 Feb 2001, Webmaster of Infothai wrote:

> Now, when I run on either Windows or FreeBSd, stage (a) works fine and I 
> can see index files of varying sizes being generated. However, in stage (b) 
> the program blows up during the merge, indicating "merge.c: internal error." 
> Since both the Windows and Unix versions have the same error, I suspect I am 
> doing something wrong, but I cannot see what it might be. Here is the command 
> line I'm using:
> 	echo "merging group 1"
> 	swish-e -v 3 -c boiswish.cnf -M d01 d02 d03 d04 d05 new1.swish

I too have problems merging. It always blows up on the third
file. I thought perhaps it might be memory limitations. What I
have done for a work around is merge two at a time. For example,

merge d01 and d02 to temp1
merge d03 and do4 to temp2
merge temp1 and temp2 to temp3
merge temp3 and d05 to new1.swish

I've since added memory, but have not retried merging
more than two at a time yet.

Mike Kopplin
Received on Mon Feb 19 17:42:28 2001