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Re: Q: Segmentation Fault?

From: Gastlogin Internet-Cafe Muenchen <katigaebler(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 14:17:07 GMT
Cool! I actually found a real bug (although it has been fixed). I
suppose IgnoreWords requires defining stop words manually which can be a
problem if one is indexing a language one doesn't fully understand, and
so auto-stopwords might be better in such situations. I don't really
know if I can use CVS. Is the latest available archive usually at: ?

Bill Moseley wrote:

> >Segmentation fault
> I believe that this has been fixed in the CVS version.
> You should follow the suggestion, though, and use IgnoreWords instead.
> IgnoreLimit requires and extra pass through the index to adjust word
> positions after indexing.
> Did you install from a tar.gz or via anonymous CVS?  The development tar.gz
> is not automatically generated (yet), so it is often behind fixes in CVS.
> Bill Moseley
Received on Mon Feb 19 14:23:57 2001