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case insesitive searching in spanish language

From: Gerrit Schimmelpenninck <gerrit(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 18:10:00 GMT
I use swish-e to search my site

for example:
i search for:

then i search for:

the results are different.

the command line i use is: (i search the titles, headings and ...)

$command = "$swishexec -f \"$array{'swishindex'}\" -w \"$array{'keywords'}\" -t the"; 
if ($array{'maxresults'} ne "") {
  $command .= " -m $array{'maxresults'}";

But my main worry is about the case sensitiveness
or is it al about the -´- 
the difference between %E1 and %C1  ???
i think it´s about the accent ...

I look into it now..


Received on Sat Feb 10 18:15:42 2001