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Search "Aliasing"

From: Scott Schultz <scott(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 21:13:51 GMT
I've gotten a request to create an "aliasing" function
for our web search engine. We use swish-e as part of a 
jobs/resume database. A sample alias would be to treat SW
and Software as equivalent and return all matches for
both words when either is supplied as a search key.

Doing this in the search scripts isn't horribly 
difficult but it will lead to some pretty hairy search
strings along with the potential errors that come from
increased keyword complexity. 

It seems like this would be more efficiently implemented 
in swish-e itself. Any thoughts on the matter from the 
development staff? Should this be done in swish-e or in 

Scott Schultz 
Received on Mon Feb 5 21:18:03 2001