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Question about indexing PDFs in Swish-E 2.1.8

From: Jeffrey Grunstein <JEFFREY.GRUNSTEIN(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 20:29:00 GMT
I'm testing Swish-E 2 and had some performance issues with indexing PDFs - it took 19 hours to index what Swish-E 1.3 did in about 90 minutes.

I am now trying the Beta release (2.1.8) and I have a question.  While indexing, it says for each file "Using DEFAULT filter".
What exactly IS the default filter?  Does the default filter index PDFs?  It looks like PDFs are being indexed but I'd expect to see PDF Filter for the PDF files and DEFAULT filter for the htmls?


- Jeff
Received on Mon Jan 8 20:33:05 2001