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swish-e indexs only the first page

From: Michele Cerioni <michele(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 10:42:12 GMT
This is my index.conf.


IndexFile /tmp/swish.index
IndexName "Improvement index"
IndexDescription "indice di prova."
IndexPointer ""
MetaNames first author
# List of all the meta names used in the file to index, must be on one line.
# If no metanames DO NOT deleted the line.

IndexReport 3
# This is how detailed you want reporting. You can specify numbers
# 0 to 3 - 0 is totally silent, 3 is the most verbose.

FollowSymLinks yes
IgnoreTotalWordCountWhenRanking yes
ReplaceRules remove "ghill/"
ReplaceRules replace "[a-z_0-9]*_m.*\.html" "index.html"
WordCharacters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz\?0123456789.@|,-'"[](~!@$%^{}_+?
IgnoreLimit 50 1000
IndexComments 1
MaxDepth 0
#(default 5)  This defines how many links the spider should
#follow before stopping.  A value of 0 configures the spider to
#traverse all links

Delay 600
#(default 60)  The number of seconds to wait between issuing
#requests to a server.

TmpDir /tmp/swish
#(default /var/tmp)  The location of a writeable temp directory
#on your system.  The HTTP access method tells the Perl helper to place
#its files there.

SpiderDirectory ./
#SpiderDirectory /home/ghill/swishRon/src/
#(default ./)  The location of the Perl helper
#script.  Remember, if you use a relative directory, it is relative to
#your directory when you run SWISH-E, not to the directory that SWISH-E
#is in.



I execute swish-e -S http -c index.conf , but the only page I can index 
Only the words in that page is in the index, nothing more.
Why swish-e doesn't follow  the links on index.html?
MaxDepth is set to 0 (all links).


Michele Cerioni
Received on Wed Jan 3 10:46:47 2001