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Tentatively exploring SWISH-E for use in browser-based applicatio

From: <jgarison(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 02:41:25 GMT

My company develops and sells a browser-based application that helps large
companies manage their product development process. Our product, IDweb, is
installed on a dedicated NT-based IIS web server (virtually always behind a
firewall) that is accessed by several hundred users (also almost always
behind the same firewall). 
We are looking for a small but powerful search engine to allow users of the
application to search for information as part of a Help system. The Help
includes a limited number of PDF documents but consists primarily of several
hundred HTML pages; it may expand to about a thousand or so total pages.
Ideally, we will not be required to do any indexing as the search engine
will look through the text portions of the HTML pages, however, we would
like to be able to do some indexing to allow for synonym searches.

I have looked at the archives in this discussion list, and, as this is my
first foray into a search engine, I have some concerns. 

Given the above paragraphs, is SWISH-E the right thing for me to consider? 

Will maintaining SWISH-E be a full-time job for someone, or will it work
smoothly once it's properly set up?

I would be happy to call someone if you have the time - I have a longer list
of questions!

Thanks ... 

John Garison
Documentation Manager
150 Baker Avenue Extension
Concord, MA 01742

Voice: 978-402-2907
Fax:    978-318-9376
Received on Fri Dec 29 02:44:39 2000