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Re: updating autoconf changes in cvs

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 15:35:33 GMT
At 02:30 AM 12/14/00 -0800, Bas Meijer wrote:
>I hope to find time end of year to look into a better autoconf for swish-e
>In it's present form it lacks: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(src doc perl) and such.
>For this to work I think it's best to split the configuration work in 
>directories which have their own configure and The 
>toplevel would just drive the lower levels.

Completely agree!  When I was making changes a few days ago I was having a
hard time deciding where things should go -- it would be great to split the
work up to the individual directories.

>I want to be able to make parts independently and incrementally after
>configure in principle has bindir, libdir and libexecdir
>perhaps libdir for perl and libexecdir for the c library?

If you updated from CVS you will see that I added libdir for the C library
in both the top level and in src/ (should probably
only be in src).  I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you need to run a
./configure script in perl directory.  It will pull everything it needs
during the perl Makefile.PL from Perl's which would overwrite the
Makefile, anyway.

>Now for commiting autoconf changes to cvs:
>config.cache, config.log, config.status and(!) Makefile are 
>'temporary' files that only mean something on the build host, they 
>should be removed before distribution or commit.

I didn't think about that when I first added the distribution to cvs --
I'll remove those from the repository if you haven't already done so.  But
once those are removed it shouldn't matter on commit if those are in your
working directory or not.  That is, you shouldn't need to make clean before
doing a commit.

>You should run configure to produce the Makefile so make realclean 
>can cleanup, this will also remove Makefile itself (this should be 
>so, it's realclean, a clean start)

Should "make clean" remove the Makefile?  I would think that it would just
remove all the .o files to force a complete rebuild when "make" is issued

"make dist" would be a good addition, but then have to remember to remove
any files not removed by "make realclean" (such as temporary files used
when testing).  The other option would be to cvs release -d the working
copy and do a new cvs checkout to get just the distribution on cvs before
make dist.

>perhaps we can add 'make dist' which wraps it all up to put on the 
>website or other distribution.

Anyone familiar with SourceForge?  They have a system for making
distributions, but I'm not clear on that process.

>make install should work when moved to a production server without c
>src/ lacks suffix rules for libraries.
>make html would by default install in /usr/doc/swish-e I don't know 
>any other default html storage locations on other systems (except 
>$DOCUMENT_ROOT). If anyone has ideas let me know.

I was thinking that 
    make html
	generate html from POD and place in the html sub directory

    make install-html
       move it to /usr/doc/swish-e (or someother location specified
       during ./configure).

Also, make man to install some of the documentation as man pages.
BTW -- take a look at for
those that like PDF and postscript.

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Dec 14 15:38:17 2000