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updating autoconf changes in cvs

From: Bas Meijer <bas(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 10:31:05 GMT
Hi Developers,

I hope to find time end of year to look into a better autoconf for swish-e 2.1
In it's present form it lacks: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(src doc perl) and such.
For this to work I think it's best to split the configuration work in 
directories which have their own configure and The 
toplevel would just drive the lower levels.

I want to be able to make parts independently and incrementally after changes.

configure in principle has bindir, libdir and libexecdir
perhaps libdir for perl and libexecdir for the c library?

Now for commiting autoconf changes to cvs:
config.cache, config.log, config.status and(!) Makefile are 
'temporary' files that only mean something on the build host, they 
should be removed before distribution or commit. The setup is clean 
when you do the following:

$ vi
$ autoconf  (produces configure)
$ ./configure
$ make realclean (removes the unnecessary files)
$ cvs ci -m 'message' configure

You should run configure to produce the Makefile so make realclean 
can cleanup, this will also remove Makefile itself (this should be 
so, it's realclean, a clean start)


perhaps we can add 'make dist' which wraps it all up to put on the 
website or other distribution.

make install should work when moved to a production server without c compiler.

src/ lacks suffix rules for libraries.

make html would by default install in /usr/doc/swish-e I don't know 
any other default html storage locations on other systems (except 
$DOCUMENT_ROOT). If anyone has ideas let me know.

hope this helps,


>I committed this version to CVS just now.  I hope Jose can get cvs working
>soon ;)
>I also made some changes.  I added a rough draft of README, INSTALL, and
>SWISH-PERL.  I also included the rewritten version of perl/
>I made a few changes to and src/ -- mostly in the
>top level
>make clean now removes libswish-e.a and the testlib program.  I'm not sure
>how to write the make file, but would it be better to have the top-level
>make clean and make realclean call the src/Makefile instead? 
>Plus I added make install which now installs the swish-e binary, and make
>install-lib which installs the library (src/make install used to install
>the library).
>Lastly, make now passes libdir in addition to prefix.
>But don't take my word for it, see the cool color-coded diffs at:
>Bill Moseley


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