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title tag and includes files

From: Xotchilt Castrillo <xc(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 16:44:00 GMT
> Hi,
> I have a little problem, Mi files in my home page are:
> - A file "example.html"  that call an include file called ""
> I only indexed the .info files, because they have the information. But
> don´t have the <title> tag, the file that have it is the .html
> What can I do, because I need the the title of the file?  (The files have
> the same name, only the extension is diferent).
> Thanks for your help.
> Xot Castrillo

Ing. Xotchilt V. Castrillo Tinoco   / Soporte Técnico WEB
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Received on Wed Dec 13 16:46:42 2000