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-D option

From: Frances Coakley <f.coakley(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 16:50:03 GMT
the documentation for the -D option implies that all files indexed are
listed at the end of the printout - it appears (for 1.3 version)  however
that only the first such file is actually so listed - is this a bug in code
or documentation or will vrsn 2 correct it.

Personally I would prefer the file list to precede the word list but would
like all files to be shown.

Has anyone written a Java applet to take the swish index  so as to be
useable from a CD ROM within a html page?

Frances Coakley
Senior Lecturer, Rm 18BB19, Dept Elec Eng; University of Surrey, GUILDFORD,
Tel +(0)1483 879129 email
Received on Tue Nov 28 16:52:24 2000