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Swishe on Win98

From: Frances Coakley <f.coakley(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 14:14:29 GMT
Have tried to run Swishe 2.0 (prebuilt version for Windows) - running on
128MByte, Windows98 2nd ed, on some 4500 files (approx 150k words as
reported by swishe 1.3)
Hangs in either removing common words (or if this option disabled) in
writing index files (3 functions reported then hangs - by hang I mean
processing exceeds 2hours - file read takes maybe 8 minutes) 
On a subset (1500 files, 90k words terminates ok after about 7/8 mins).  Is
this expected ?  Is there any test for memory allocation failing ?

However I suspect some memory leak problem even on correct termination as
machine is then very prone to usual memory leak problems (slow response,
blue screen, absence of icons etc) 
Frances Coakley
Senior Lecturer, Rm 18BB19, Dept Elec Eng; University of Surrey, GUILDFORD,
Tel +(0)1483 879129 email
Received on Mon Nov 27 14:16:34 2000