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From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 10:24:19 GMT
Hi Rainer,

On 19 Nov 2000, at 18:45, wrote:

> But here are some things which are still to be discussed & to be
> done...
> Swish-e:
> ToDo and some questions for my understanding:
>   - there is a "title" passed from "outside" to the index routines...
>     this seems to be for historic reasons, when swish did only HTML.
>     mostly the "title" contains the filepath.
>     At this point, I let this still be untouched...
>     but, we should get rid of this relicts.
>     the title should be retrieved within the indexing routine for a
>     doctype. (XML may be different to HTML or other types...)

IMO, we can use this field to store the summary of the document.

>   - "indextitleonly" (now: fprop->index_no_content) is not honoured in
>   each
>     index-routine (only the original one: countwords).
>     Should be done.

Which is the title for non html docs? Perhaps for non-html docs this
field should ne interpreted as "indexsummaryonly"
>   - in routine "indexafile": DOCENTRY *e only contains the filename...
>     (and the misplaced "title")
>     What do we need this structure for?

You are right, it is non sense if title is equal to filepath. I need to
look at the code because there are other functions affected by 
DOCENTRY like indexadir and addsortentry. I do not remember at 
this moment if there can be a situation with different filepath and title.

Received on Mon Nov 20 10:25:58 2000