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From: <Rainer.Scherg(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 09:22:23 GMT
Sounds good but one Q for understanding:

<tag1> here is a <tag2>special text</tag2> to index</tag1>

What would be the content of <tag1> ?

IMO should be:
  tag1:  here is a special tag to index
  tag2:  special text

Am I correct?

cu - rainer

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Some people have asked me for improving XML indexing.
I am not an expert of XML, so I would like to hear from all of you.

This what XML does now in 2.1.x:
it index thinks like:
<element> some data </element>
and also
<element1> some data <element2> other data </element2>
even more data</element1>

You can search both element1=other and element2=other

This is what I think it is easy to do:

- Index comments <!- -> ignoring the rest of <!..> 

- Ignore <? ..>

- Index properties:
<element1 prop1="some data"> other data</element1>
In this case you can search for element1=some and prop1=some

- Ignore empty elements: <element/> but index its properties:
<element1 prop1="some data" />
In this case you can search for element1=some and prop1=some

- Sorry, no DTDs

Am I in the right way?


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