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Re: Autoconf change for swish-e-2.1.8

From: Bas Meijer <bas(at)>
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 14:28:46 GMT
25  ** change sprintf to snprintf to avoid corruption

Seems like there's a reason for the use of nonstandard snprintf,
perhaps it's an idea to include both functions' source for platforms 
lacking it?

        Because sprintf and vsprintf assume  an  arbitrarily  long
        string, callers must be careful not to overflow the actual
        space; this is often impossible to assure. Note  that  the
        length  of  the  strings  produced is locale-dependent and
        difficult to predict.  Use snprintf and vsnprintf instead.

        Linux  libc4.[45] does not have a snprintf, but provides a
        libbsd that contains an snprintf  equivalent  to  sprintf,
        i.e.,  one  that ignores the size argument.  Thus, the use
        of snprintf with early libc4  leads  to  serious  security

        Some  floating  point conversions under early libc4 caused
        memory leaks.

At 12:59 +0100 15-11-2000, wrote:
>Hi Bas
>If I can, I will try to change them for ANSI ones.
>vsnprintf is just used once and can be easily changed for snprintf.
>  >
>>  snprintf and vsnprintf are not in the standard C library, you could
>>  include the following line to to have the variables
>>  HAVE_VSNPRINTF and HAVE_SNPRINTF available. Since both functions would
>>  probably have GNU implementations, could you include them when they
>>  are not available?
>  >
>  >

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