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Stopwords and order of query

From: <kopplin(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 02:07:24 GMT
I'm using 1.3.2 on a system and noticed that if a stopword is included in
a users query, the order is significant in whether the search works or
not. Example, I just had someone searching for "printing in dos". This
causes a segmentation fault. If the order is "in printing dos" it works,
and the terms it reports searching for are just "printing dos", apparently
just dropping the "in".  "printing dos in" also gives a segmentation

Is this a known bug in 1.3.2, and is there a fix? I really can't upgrade
to 2.x.x on this system, because it can just barely manage indexing all
the files (56,000+) under 1.3.2 using almost all its memory and swap.

Mike Kopplin
Received on Tue Oct 24 02:12:19 2000