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Re: Perl Script Downloading?

From: Frank Heasley <DrHeasley(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 15:31:38 GMT
This is actually quite simple:

1. can you run ANY cgi scripts on your server?
2. if so, then set up your SWISH perl (or whatever) scripts that way.
3. if not, then find out why and fix it.

(Note: you don't want to run the SWISH executable binary file directly as a 
cgi . . .)

At 07:50 AM 10/18/00, you wrote:
>At 07:28 AM 10/18/00 -0700, SRE wrote:
> >At 06:52 AM 10/18/00, ehaymaker wrote:
> >>What is causing my perl script to start downloading when I call it?
> >
> >Most likely a permission problem: try "chmod 700" if your FTP client
> >supports it. Most will not do things like "chmod +x".
>No, that's not it.  If you don't have execute permission on a CGI script
>then you will get a "file permissions deny server execution:" error in the
>log.  and Forbidden sent to the client.
>Also, chmod 700 cgi-script will probably not work unless the web owns the
>script -- which is unlikely unless running under some setuid wrapper.
>Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Oct 18 15:36:28 2000