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Re: new swish-e 2.X version

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 18:09:34 GMT
Hi BIl,

On 5 Oct 2000, at 8:27, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Ok, I have the library version of swish running, and I'm caching the
> connection handles in mod_perl, so the index file is only opened on the
> first request and subsequent requests just run a query on the already open
> index file.
> It's fast!
> And after a few requests I'm not seeing that the Apache processes are that
> big, either.

Great news!!! We are in the rigth way...

> Anyone interested in fast swish searches should consider testing out this
> library version, especially if running under mod_perl.  
> Again, I also have a few perl modules that can be used to access either the
> binary or the library version at  Although I'm
> using the SWISH and SWISH::Fork modules in production, I'd still consider
> them in the testing phase and the interface will probably change as the
> Library changes.  But it's designed so you can use either the binary or
> library with only changing one setting.
> Jose, I'm wondering about SwishHeaderParameter().  Is there a way to just
> ask for ALL the headers?  I'd rather not have to list each header name in
> my module.
Give me some time. I am a little bit busy now at work. I can try all 
the remaining things during the weekend (extended header, indexfile 
in output, "or and not" inside a phrase ...).

Received on Thu Oct 5 18:14:07 2000