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Re: swish-e 2.0.2 resource consumption

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 14:42:30 GMT
Hi Bryan,

On 4 Oct 2000, at 8:43, Bryan Heidorn wrote:

> Thank you very much for taking a personal look at this.
> I don't know how big the index was getting before memory runs out.
> I indexed one State's data and it is 4MB. X 50 would be 200MB but there is 
> a lot of repeat information when you do it all together so my guess is that 
> the final file would be around 100MB...OK, It is descriptions of all of the 
> butterflies in North America. The same butterfly may be in many states so 
> if you index north America as a whole the butterfly record will occur only 
> once but if I index State by State, through State directories with symlinks 
> to the butterfly files, then you get many more... rats... the merge will 
> not work because while the files are the same, the paths will look 
> different to swish-e during the merge. Grumble grumble.....
Well, If your index file is greater than 100 MB, you are probably 
pushing the limits of your machine.
There is no patch to 2.0.x to fix this situation. I have fixed it in 2.1x 
but it is not stable enough now. Give me some days, I need to fix a 
couple of bugs and finish the new adons.

Received on Wed Oct 4 14:43:05 2000