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swish-e 2.0.2 resource consumption

From: P. Bryan Heidorn <heidorn(at)>
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 02:14:08 GMT
This might be the same problem that I saw reported earlier today for 2.1.
If so whoever is looking for the leak (Jose?)needs to look back further in

I have the system using http to index a remote site. I started it Saturday
night and when I arrived Sunday morning the sun ultra was hung with no
resources left for logins. The diagnostic was "Out of Memory". Since no one
else was using the machine, I tried again with a lower depth limit in the
hope that the indexing would finish before the system resources were
exhausted. I forgot to turn it off when I came home. I just tried to login
from home and can not! I suspect the depth limit did not work. I was
running a 10 second delay. It ran more than an 6 hours before crashing but
I don't know when exactly it ran out of memory again. I'd tell you the swap
and core to give you an idea of the size of the memory leak but I can not
login to run an hinv :). 

I am glad it is on a research machine and not a production machine.

Received on Mon Oct 2 02:14:39 2000