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Re: Re: "Chevra" ??

From: William Malin <blvdmaster(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 03:32:58 GMT
I discovered the nature of the problem was in a hidden ASCII character that found its way into some of my swish-e conf files. I have a lot of files to index, and little memory on the machine that runs swish, so I have many conf files, each in charge of indexing sections of my site in order to be combined later into one master index. I tend to cut-and-paste code/text and, somehow, one of the bits text I've been using as a "template" in my .conf files contained an invisible character that was wreaking havoc all over my little swish-world. Having rid myself of this, everything is as it should be now....

BTW [kudos for swish-e]: Swish continues to be the best search software I've ever implemented, or better TRIED to implement (remember the Excite for Web Servers tool?? needs about 50mb RAM just to start). And I've enjoyed this discussion group since it started (have it all archived), even though I do not contribute very often -- I'm always reading posts to this board and learning more about swish .....

Thanks for your attention.

All the best from,

Bill Malin
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At 06:56 PM 9/27/00 -0700, David Norris wrote:
>William Malin wrote:
> > The link says "9114" and this links to a file name "Chevra" which definitely does not exist.
>Could your search script be parsing the results incorrectly?
> > I've searched the index files internally, as well as the 
> > executable itself and can find no reference to 9114 or Chevra.
>"Chevra Kadisha"
>Look at this line in the above file:
><META NAME="description" CONTENT="
>Then compare that to the description given for:
>Either A) you have cut the line short intentionally or B) SWISH is
>having a sort of buffer overflow while indexing that document.  If it's
>a buffer overflow then you can either increase the max string length and
>rebuild SWISH-E or be slightly less verbose with descriptions.  (If
>these are manually entered then limit the description field length to
>less than max string length to avoid further problems.)  A buffer
>problem could cause a raw quotation mark to be pushed into the output. 
>My guess is that your PERL script is parsing quotes and is mangling
>fields.  Or SWISH-E is doing something otherwise strange with it.
>How is that for wild speculation?
>,David Norris
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Received on Wed Sep 27 20:37:08 2000