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Re: incrementing word position

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 08:21:07 GMT
Hi Bill,

> Can you help out with a problem I'm having?

> I need a way to specify some character(s) that will cause the word position
> to be incremented during indexing.  This is to prevent phrases to match
> across boundaries.
> For example, I use a pipe to separate subjects:
> Subjects: African Americans -- Civil rights | Teaching materials | People 
> I wouldn't want "right teaching" to find that, and currently it does.  So
> in this example I'd like to say the pipe symbol bumps the word position.
> Some people might like to be able to say the two characters ". " would bump
> the position, too, so phrase matching would be restricted to sentences.
> Would that be very hard to implement?
Not really. I was thinking in some config  directive like:
BumpPositionCounterCharacters  |-()

I have also been working in your lasts posts 
- Get StopWords (SwishStopWords function)
- Open Several Files in SwishOpen
- Do not close the index files after a SwishOpen and
cache the most useful information to get better search 

Hope to have time to work on these issues during  the weekend ...

Bill, I am also copying this message  to list.

Received on Fri Sep 22 08:21:30 2000