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Re: RE: Documentation

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 08:56:18 GMT wrote:
> I think I saw apache is using a utility called  "scandoc".

Does anyone know of any other tools?  I've begun looking since I
stumbled upon Doxygen.  I'd like to find something that supports a few
more languages; hopefully PERL and PHP.

> Which tool is better?

I just looked at ScanDoc.  They look very similar (maybe 90% compatible
or better) in how the source code comments are formatted.  With a /**
docs here */ format, they are almost completley compatible.  @see
appears to be slighty different in syntax between the two and maybe a
few other things.  They both are based on JavaDoc.  Doxygen is based
directly on something called Doc++, I have not looked at it.

Quick comparison:
             Scan Doc                   Doxygen
Lang    | PERL Script      |  C++/QT - static binaries
Size    | Small            |  about 1 MB binary or source
Deps    | PERL et al       |  Static Binaries, source needs QT
Output  | Text to template |  HTML, LaTeX, man, RTF, XML
Template| Yes              |  Partially; HTML and maybe others
C Macro | No preprocessor  |  Most; filters can be used
Updates | Scans all source |  Incremental, using config files
Graphs  | No               |  Dependency graphs via dot
Diagram | No               |  Collaboration diagrams via dot
Formulae| No               |  Formulae via LaTeX,dvips,gs for HTML

ScanDoc is very simple.  It generates plain text output into a
template.  It does no C preprocessing, such as parsing #include; it
"guesses" how files are related based on the headers it finds in the
source tree.  It's simple but maybe too simple.

Doxygen is complex.  The comment format is nearly indentical to
ScanDoc.  It has a C preprocessor, there is no guessing.  The
preprocessor doesn't perform macro expansion; a filter can be used if
needed.  Expanding macros makes no sense in this case, of course. 
Generation is done using a config file.  It will only parse the source
files listed in the config.  You can use many config files to modularize
the documentation.

,David Norris
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Received on Mon Sep 18 01:56:13 2000