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Re: new C library and Perl Module

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 09:17:57 GMT
Hi Bill

On 30 Aug 2000, at 13:51, Bill Moseley wrote:

> I'm unclear about the library version:  Will it replace the existing
> swish-e 2.0?  That is, is the library version the next version of swish or
> is it a parallel version?  I assume it is the next version since the index
> file is changing format.
I think so, there are so many modification in it that it should be a 
different version (2.1).
> I'll check but did you find the segfault I was having with multiple queries?
I am not able to reproduce it. But I have not forgotten it.

Received on Thu Aug 31 09:22:10 2000