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Searching for date-ranges, web frontends?

From: Paul Thomas <paul(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 22:18:11 GMT

I'm interested in being able to control a date-range for
the keyword(s) being searched for. I guess dates and numbers
aren't indexed?

I think I asked this before, but just incase...there does not seem
to be much in the way of web-based frontends for SWISH-E. I have
been using the old WWWWAIS that was used with the original SWISH
and I would like to upgrade as the new index format of SWISH-E 2.x
doesn't work with the old WWWWAIS.


--Paul T.

How does a tree get on the world wide web?
It logs on.
Received on Wed Aug 30 22:22:27 2000