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new C library and Perl Module

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 18:35:43 GMT
Hi all,

Only for the brave... 

Here is a new alpha version of the C library and perl module.

It is in an alpha state. Do not use it in the real world.

What's new?
1- Fixes memory leak when search. Memory of Perl modules 
should not grow anymore.

2- Fixes several malfunctions

3- New perl functions to get header data

4- New index engine. Uses less memory. Depending on your files, 
it can save 15-20% of the memory used by 2.0.1. This means, new
file index format. So, to use it you need to reindex... but remember,
it is an alpha version,do not use it on a real environment.

5- new index options (as suggested by Rainer):
IndexContents [TXT|HTML|XML|WML|MULTITXT|WML] .ext1 .ext2
(Only for file-system but easy to add to http)
(Only TXT, HTML and XML works)
If your are courious look at index.c and fs.c. search for TXT or XML:
New countwords functions:
-countwords (old one)
-countwords_TXT (simple TXT)
-countwords_XML (simple XML)
see test.config in tests directory

6- testlib.c (tiny C program that uses the library). Not very nice, but 
useful to compare with (eg: memory usage).

To build the library
in src:
Copy libswish-e.a to your lib directory (usually /usr/local/lib)
This will also build swish-e and testlib

To buil perl module:
in perl:
perl Makefile.PL
make install 

Look at for the new functions.

Sorry, not so much documentation...

Now the bad news, 
-Merge does not work. I have to add the new index engine 
modifications to it.
-Stemming function not yet added to the library
-Bugs, maybe you will find one. Let me know.

Any ideas are welcome.

BTW, I will be on vacation (no mail, no computers) for two weeks
(will be back Sept 17)

Received on Wed Aug 30 18:40:02 2000