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autoconf and other things from lookup in swish-e-2.0

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 17:05:31 GMT
Hi all

I have modified swish-e-2.0 distribution to use autoconf
features as Bas suggested. In fact I have just modified his *.in files.

I have also looked at swish-e.txt and swish-e.1 but
they are obsolete now. I need to change them before including
in the package. For me, there are several problems to modify them:
1- I am not very good in English. I make mistakes too often.
2- I have never made a man page.
3- I am not a good teacher. Since I have coded the new options
they look simple to me and I tend to be very short in my writings.

Can anybody make this task? It is just merging README-2.0 file
and swish.txt. Berkeley's documentation also needs an update...

BTW, I have not been adviced about any more bugs in 2.0-beta4. 
Does it mean that it is stable enough to remove the word beta from 
its name? The number of downloads from my site is over 300. This
does not include Dave's Win32 port.

As you know, I am working now in the C library. At this moment I 
am simplifying the code (you will see it soon in the perl alpha 
version).  Yesterday, I have rewritten many of the index proccess
because there was 4 index functions; now there is only one. This 
should make things easier to add some of  the new features that all 
the people has been asking for.

Received on Fri Aug 18 13:09:43 2000