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8-bit characters...

From: Grzegorz Pawel Szostak <grzecho(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 08:28:13 GMT
Hallo !

I'd like to use swish-e to index some polish sites but there are 8-bit
characters (like , ...). I've tried to change something in index.c,
string.c files but it doesnt help. Can anybody help me ?

I've seen a message from Kevin that if somebody wants to index sites with
8-bit characters he should contact him for testing. But his email
( does not work.

Can anybody halep me?

I'm new in swish-e but i've wrote some
c/c++/perl/php/dhtml/shell/... programs/scripts so your help won't heart
you ;-) (i hope).

With regards G.
Received on Thu Aug 10 04:31:58 2000