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Re: Swish-e on a 486DX 33Mhz with 16Mb running Redhat 6.2

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 09:20:08 GMT
Bas Meijer wrote:
> We installed a full RedHat 6.2 and indexed all the documentation in /usr/doc
> some 3640 files with 69738 words, we started the indexing may 12 2000.
> Maybe there is room for some speed optimization ;-)

It took SWISH-E 2.0 beta3 124 minutes to index /usr/doc on an AMD K6-2
500 MHz.  I have 128 MB RAM with 128 MB swap partition.  That time
dropped to 29 minutes by eliminating the huge postscript "books" from
the index.  Most of that time was spent writing the index from RAM to
disk.  The index file was 8.3 MB.

This is mostly a RAM issue.  SWISH-E has to make heavy swap file usage. 
The Linux user manual contains quite a bit of data (202 MB of mostly
HTML, Text, TeX, and PostScript on my Mandrake/Helix system).  With
enough RAM it can index nearly as fast as the disk can stream data. 
With SWISH-E at nice 0, my system was at 90% load for about 20 minutes
then the load dropped to less than 10% as it ran out of RAM and started
doing massive disk I/O.

Conclusion:  Lot's of RAM or incremental indexing and hope someday that
will be fixed ;-)

The end result is wonderful, BTW!  I can actually find things in my
Linux manual! :-)

,David Norris
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Received on Thu Aug 3 02:17:18 2000