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Windows build of Swish-e-2.0-beta2

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 21:52:53 GMT
PropheZine Webmaster wrote:
> If someone ports or compiles this for windows 98 please let me know.  I
> would like to try it out.

I have a 2.0b2 executable up for Windows.  It passes the simple tests.

I added a beta section for 2.0 builds:

Many of the new features need to be put through some rigorous testing. 
I have not even looked at writing a filter for use on Windows 9x.  That
needs some major testing right now.  I'd like to test BASH or TCSH (or
some other Unix shell usable on Win32) scripts in addition to DOS batch
files.  DOS batch files are probably going to be the only widely
available option on Win 9x.

  I patched line 189 of check.c as follows:
     From: strlen(fl->suffix) == lchecksuffix)
     To:   (int)strlen(fl->suffix) == lchecksuffix)

Does this look alright?  That is the only remaining warning in the code
when building under MSVC 6.  (Aside from win32/regex.c printing 47

,David Norris
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