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don't know c...

From: <Sean.McHugh(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 16:18:35 GMT
I don't know anything about C.  I'm trying to compile
swish-e 1.3.2 on a Win32 system using gcc provided by
the Cygwin32 emulator.  I can compile it only when I remove
any references to the unlink functions in the http.c and httpserver.c
files.  As far as I was aware unlink should be built-in so to speak,
the compiler claims that it is undefined.  Could I be missing a crucial
C-library or 
something ?  Anyway, I know that the unlink calls in http.c removes the
spider files 
but what do the ones in httpserver.c do ?


Sean McHugh, MCP
Sungard ePI Inc.
Regional Systems Administrator
80 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004
Wk phone: 212-806-4972
Received on Mon Jun 26 12:33:47 2000