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Recursive Filtering

From: Andrew Linn <andrew_linn(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 11:44:01 GMT
I am looking at using the filtering options for processing .ps
and .pdf files etc. (rather than doing it in a script as I do now).

Are the filters recursive such that I can build filters to process:
and index the words in the .ps file.

i.e. could I have three filters: one for .Z, one for .tar and one
for .ps and these would be applied to the output of each section
or would I need to create a filter for .ps.tar.Z which did all the

Also does anyone know of a good converter for .doc files to run on
RedHat Linux?


ps Sorry about the blank e-mail. HCI problems with hotmail.
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Received on Mon Jun 26 07:59:04 2000