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Re: RE: Patched Spider

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 11:05:36 GMT wrote:
> Is /usr/bin/perl really the standard path for perl?

Maybe not _the_ standard.  Certianly more standard than
/local/sparc/bin/perl, though.  I would have to agree that
/usr/local/bin/perl should be the distribution default if that's the
most common location.  I'll change it in that file in case anyone grabs
it in the future.  All of the newer systems I have encountered have PERL
in /usr/bin.  (Although it has been pointed out to me that may not
always be the most recent copy of PERL on the system ;-)

But, first, I'll see if I can determine why it fails to index

,David Norris
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Received on Sat Jun 24 04:03:29 2000