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Ordering the links returned from a search

From: PropheZine Webmaster <bob(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 17:14:59 GMT

This has been asked before, I am sure.

I indexed 3 web sites.  I merged the files.  I search the new index file and
the results are returned in SCORE order within web site order.  Is there a
way to avoid this so they are returned in "scoring' order only.  Meaning,
the web site links are mixed.



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Subject: [SWISH-E] severe swish-e problem (1.3.2)


I our company a severe problem with swish-e (1.3.2-filter) occured.

What happend:

  Someone executed a search for "r*" - due to our large index
  (16000 documents) it takes swish "a little" time to get the
  Due to the response/search time the user executed the search
  request several times. But this was not the main problem.

  Swish-e uses a vast(!) amount of memory. In our cases 2GB.
  This caused our main server (large SUN-Server, with 0.8 TBytes)
  to be rebooted (manually), because other processes failed due
  to a lack of swapspace/memory, etc...

  Remark: I used the swish-option  "-m 500"

There may be the following solutions to this problem:

  - use a seperate machine for the search engine (e.g. a cheap
    linux box)

  - reject short query requests in the CGI script executing the
    swish-e program.

  - restrict swish-e (via an option swish, or compile switch) to
    a maximum of internal result enries (this differs to the
    "-m" Option).  I know there may be implications the the
    search results (quality, sorting, return results, etc...)
    But this could prevent a worst case scenario...)

Any ideas to this?

- rainer

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