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Re: HTTP spidering - zero results

From: Angel Parn <angel(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 20:35:16 GMT
> I'd like to try and recreate your exact situation but the URL you've
> given does not seem to be real (when I try and view it I get a 302 and
> am forwarded to  Could
> you let us know what the actual URL is.

Real URL. "kuupaev" means "date" in Estonian. But that's offtopic :)
I would be very grateful if you could test this URL.

Also I have to note, currently I overcome the problem this way:
I have a WinNT based webserver (Xitami with Swish-E), from which
I index my site every weekday, then a .php3 script uploads the index
file through FTP to server. So the site itself
has nothing to blame, I think.

But this kind of solution can't continue, so I must find somekind of

Received on Thu Jun 15 16:53:26 2000