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Re: More on IndexOnly and NoContents

From: Jose Manuel Ruiz <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 11:17:52 GMT
David Norris wrote:
> Jose Manuel Ruiz wrote:
> > IndexOnly only works with File-System.
> > When trying with HTTP (-S http option) I get:
> > Bad directive on line #148: IndexOnly .html
> Yes, IndexOnly is only valid is FS mode.  The theory has been that only
> Content Type headers should be used instead of file extensions.  I think
> a number of us might not totally agree with that.  My opinion is that
> IndexOnly would be beneficial in both HTTP and FS mode.
> > NoContents only works with HTTP. With FS the
> > directive simply is ignored. I think this is
> > solved by Andrew's patch.
> This is a serious bug which did not exist in versions prior to the
> addition of HTTP indexing.  It must have appeared in version 1.2 or
> 1.3.  If anything, NoContents should only work in FS mode.  However, I
> think this option should also work in both HTTP and FS modes.  I am not
> sure how the spider handles NoContent or if it bothers to handle it.
> > Perhaps it is time to patch these options. I think
> > both of them may be used in both FS and HTTP.
> I agree that both options should be available in HTTP and FS modes.
> There doesn't seem to be a technical reason against this.  And, it could
> be useful in some cases.
> > But, since they are mutually exclusive, one must be more
> > important than the other.
> They should not be mutually exclusive.  Both options are equally
> important.  Both options would be used together very often.  Making them
> mutally exclusive breaks backwards compatibility with older versions of

You are right, I will try patch the code this way. 

Jose Ruiz
Received on Mon Jun 12 07:20:40 2000