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RE: new version of swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASE (m)

From: Andrew Linn <andrew_linn(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 08:44:18 GMT

> > Perhaps someone (Andrew?) has a hint to this problem...
>That was my hope.

I did not realise that my changes had been incorporated straight in
but here is the description of the problems I was having and the
reasons for the changes.

I was using swish-e to index a filestore using the config files. There
was an issue with v1.3 above (including the phrase version) not using the 
NoContents list in my version of Linux (6.1). As a result I looked
through the code, made changes and got it all to work well (on both the
v1.3 and phrase)

Firstly I changed some of the logic in isoksuffix to return true if the 
suffix was ok and false if it is not.

Then I removed from fs.c all references to suffixlist (since I could not 
find out where that was defined) and changed those to the nocontentslist 
(into which the list of the NoContents suffixes was placed). In addition to 
this nocontentslist was redefined in fs.c and set to 0 so I removed that.

The in indexadir I removed the check there to isoksuffix since I wanted the 
gifs jpgs etc to be listed in the list of files to be indexed (ie based on 
the fact that the function printfile does a check using isoksuffix to see if 
the files contents should be indexed or just the
file name).

This all works on my linux system (for both versions), but I am not a c 
programmer and I don't know if I missed something else.

Sorry if I have introduced bugs for you but at least you know why I
did what I did.

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Received on Mon Jun 12 04:46:54 2000