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RE: Why is this not recognized

From: PropheZine Webmaster <bob(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 15:01:52 GMT

Thanks for replying.  I do not perform Metaname searches.  This is a basic
search from

"escape from armageddon"  displays 0 results.

"escape armageddon"  displays many results.

The   CONFIG.H   file has this text:


/* Added JM 1/10/98.  Setting this to 0 (default) causes a stopword in
** an AND_RULE search to create an empty result.  Setting it to 1 simply
** ignores the stopwords and does a search on the remaining words.

Was a bug introduced and not noticed?  My config file, less the directories
to search, is listed below.

Thanks for your help on this.


# This is the name of the generated index file.
IndexFile /home/usr147/html/search/index.swish

IndexName "Index of the PropheZine Web Site"
IndexDescription "This is the index of PropheZine's web site."
IndexPointer ""
IndexAdmin "Bob Lally ("
# Only files with these suffixes will be indexed.
IndexOnly .html .htm .txt .shtml

# This is how detailed you want reporting. You can specify numbers
# 0 to 3 - 0 is totally silent, 3 is the most verbose.
IndexReport 3

# Put "yes" to follow symbolic links in indexing, else "no".
FollowSymLinks yes

# Files with these suffixes will not have their contents indexed -
# only their file names will be indexed.
NoContents .gif .xbm .au .mov .mpg .jpg .rm .ram .bmp

# ReplaceRules allow you to make changes to file pathnames
# before they're indexed.
ReplaceRules replace "/home/usr147/html" ""

# Files matching the listed criteria will *not* be indexed.
FileRules pathname contains admin test demo trash construction confidential
#FileRules filename is fig2.html
#FileRules filename is fig3.html
# FileRules filename contains # % ~ .bak .orig .old old.
# FileRules title contains construction example pointers
#FileRules directory contains .htaccess

# This automatically omits words that appear too often in the files
# (these words are called stopwords). Specify a whole percentage
# and a number, such as "80 256". This omits words that occur in
# over 80% of the files and appear in over 256 files. Comment out
# to turn of auto-stopwording.
#IgnoreLimit 80 100

# The IgnoreWords option allows you to specify words to ignore.
# Comment out for no stopwords; the word "SwishDefault" will
# include a list of default stopwords. Words should be separated by spaces
# and may span multiple directives.
IgnoreWords SwishDefault
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From: []
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 10:42 AM
Subject: Re: [SWISH-E] Why is this not recognized

On Wed, 31 May 2000 04:08:19 -0700 (PDT) PropheZine
Webmaster <> wrote:

> Hi:
> Using 1.3.2 standard version of swish-e I have a book on my site called
> "Escape from Armageddon."  Swish locates the pages if I enter "Escape
> Armageddon"  but not "Escape from Armageddon."
> I have these variables set as follows:
> #IgnoreLimit 80 100
> IgnoreWords SwishDefault
> Any ideas?  The default setting in the "c' file is "and".
> Bob

"from" is a probably a stopword, but this should not
prevent the search from working.  However, there is a
problem if you are searching on a MetaName keyword: a stop
word in a keyword search, eg:

	-w title=from

does give "no result".

David Adams
Received on Thu Jun 1 11:05:00 2000